System Features

01.Product Management

Manage your catalog across POS, Ecommerce and mobile. Unlimited products, categories, vouchers and discounts.


Inventory Management in the cloud can be deployed anywhere and manage a multitude of locations through our virtual warehouse system. Manage suppliers, purchase orders, goods received notes and requisitions.

03.Payment Automation

Cashless Payments, virtual currency, points, vouchers, credit cards and mobile money

04.E Commerce

Launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into your point of sale and inventory system.

05.Cloud Admin

Manage your products, inventory, customers and reporting in the cloud.

06.Gift Cards

Our closed loop payment system manages your instore credit or gift cards to help you increase your revenue and reduce your banking fees. .

04.Customer Profiles

Manage your customer profiles, purchase history, loyalty and rewards right form your online console.

05.User Accounts

Create individual staff accounts and track sales, tips and permissions.